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    name  dev
    page  60,132
    title  'DEV --- Report installed device drivers'
; DEV --- a utility to report device header information for
;     all installed device drivers
; Requires PC-DOS or MS-DOS 2.0.
; Used in the form:
; version 1.0  December 12, 1984
; Copyright (c) 1984 by Ray Duncan
cr   equ   0dh       ;ASCII carriage return
lf   equ   0ah       ;ASCII line feed
blank  equ  20h    ;ASCII space code
eom  equ  '$'    ;end of string marker
cseg  segment  para public 'CODE'
  assume  cs:cseg,ds:data,es:data,ss:stack
dev   proc  far       ;entry point from PC-DOS
    push  ds       ;save DS:0000 for final
    xor   ax,ax      ;return to PC-DOS
    push  ax
    mov   ax,data     ;make our data segment
  mov  ds,ax    ;addressable via DS and ES.
  mov   es,ax
    mov   ah,30h    ;check version of PC-DOS.  
    int   21h
    cmp   al,2
    jae   dev1    ;proceed, DOS 2.0 or greater.
    mov   dx,offset msg2 ;DOS 1.x --- print error message.
  jmp  dev6
dev1:  mov  cx,ax    ;save DOS version number.
  mov  ah,15    ;now try and open the "NUL" device.
  mov  dx,offset nulfcb
  int  21h
  or  al,al    ;opened successfully?
  jz  dev2    ;yes, jump.
  mov  dx,offset msg1  ;no, print error msg and exit.
  jmp  dev6
dev2:        ;Pick up double pointer to device
        ;driver chain out of reserved
        ;area in fcb. This area is mapped
        ;differently in DOS 2.x and DOS 3.x.
  cmp  cl,2    ;is this DOS 2.x?
  ja  dev3    ;no, jump.
  mov  bx,word ptr nulfcb+25
  mov  es,word ptr nulfcb+27
  jmp  dev4
dev3:        ;come here if DOS 3.0 or greater.
  mov  bx,word ptr nulfcb+26
  mov  es,word ptr nulfcb+28
dev4:  call  header    ;print sign-on message and
        ;column headings.
dev5:        ;trace through the device chain
  call  prdev    ;print device header information
        ;for driver pointed to by ES:BX.
        ;pick up addr of next header.
  les  bx,dword ptr es:[bx]
  cmp  bx,-1    ;found last one yet?
  jne  dev5    ;no, try next.
     mov  dx,offset msg3  ;yes, print "end of device chain".
dev6:   mov  ah,9    ;print the string whose address
  int  21h    ;is in DX.
  ret      ;then return to DOS.
dev    endp
header  proc  near    ;print out headings for device
  mov  dx,offset hdr  ;driver information.
  mov  ah,9
  int  21h
header  endp
prdev  proc  near    ;print out device driver info.
        ;ES:BX is pointer to device header,
        ;which must be preserved.
  mov  ax,es    ;convert segment of device header
  mov  di,offset inf1
  call  hexasc
  mov  ax,bx    ;convert offset of device header.
  mov  di,offset inf2
  call  hexasc
  mov  ax,es:[bx+4]  ;get attribute word, save a
  push  ax    ;copy of it, then convert it.
  mov  di,offset inf3
  call  hexasc
  mov  ax,es:[bx+6]  ;convert ptr to device strategy.
  mov  di,offset inf4
  call  hexasc
  mov  ax,es:[bx+8]  ;convert ptr to device int handler.
  mov  di,offset inf5
  call  hexasc
        ;if not char device, clear out name
        ;field and set number of units.
  pop  ax    ;get back attribute word.
  test  ax,08000h  ;is bit 15 = 1 ?
  jnz  prdev7    ;yes, it's character dev, jump.
             ;no, it's block device.
        ;set flag to skip device name.
  mov   byte ptr inf8,eom
  mov  al,es:[bx+10]  ;pick up number of units.
  aam      ;convert to ASCII decimal and
  add  ax,'00'    ;store into output string.
  mov  byte ptr inf7+1,al
  mov  byte ptr inf7,ah
        ;set type = B for Block
  mov  byte ptr inf6,'B'  
  jmp  prdev9
prdev7:        ;if char device, move its 8-character
        ;name into the output string.
  xor  si,si
prdev8:  mov  al,es:[si+bx+10]
  mov  [si+inf8],al
  inc  si
  cmp  si,8
  jne  prdev8
        ;remove # of units field.
  mov  word ptr inf7,' '
        ;set type = C for Character.
  mov  byte ptr inf6,'C'
prdev9: mov  dx,offset inf  ;now print device information
  mov  ah,9    ;and exit.
  int  21h
prdev  endp
hexasc  proc  near    ;convert binary word to hex ASCII.
        ;call with AX=binary value
        ;     DI=addr to store string
        ;returns AX, CX, DI destroyed.
  push  ax    ;save copy of original value.
  mov  al,ah
  call  btoa    ;convert upper byte.
  add  di,2    ;increment output address.
  pop  ax
  call  btoa    ;convert lower byte.
  ret      ;return to caller.
hexasc  endp
btoa  proc  near    ;convert binary byte to hex ASCII.
        ;call with AL=binary value
        ;     DI=addr to store string
        ;returns AX, CX destroyed.
  mov  ah,al    ;save lower nibble.
  mov  cx,4    ;shift right 4 positions
  shr  al,cl    ;to get upper nibble.
  call  ascii    ;convert 4 bits to ASCII equivalent
  mov  [di],al    ;store into output string.
  mov  al,ah    ;get back lower nibble.
  and  al,0fh
  call  ascii    ;convert 4 bits to ASCII
  mov   [di+1],al  ;and store into output string.
  ret      ;back to caller.
btoa  endp
ascii  proc  near    ;convert 4 lower bits of AL
  add  al,'0'    ;into the equivalent ASCII char.
  cmp  al,'9'    ;in the range {0...9,A...F}
  jle  ascii2    ;and return char. in AL.
  add  al,'A'-'9'-1  ;"fudge factor" for range A-F.
ascii2:  ret      ;return to caller.
ascii  endp
cseg  ends
data  segment para public 'DATA'
msg1  db  cr,lf
  db  'Failed to open NUL device.'
  db  cr,lf,eom
msg2  db   cr,lf
    db   'Requires DOS version 2 or greater.'
    db   cr,lf,eom
msg3  db  cr,lf
  db  'End of device chain.'
  db  cr,lf,eom
hdr  db  cr,lf
  db  'Addr   Attr '
  db  'Str Int  Type Units Name  '
  db  eom
inf   db  cr,lf
inf1  db  'XXXX:'    ;seg device header
inf2  db  'XXXX '    ;offs device header
inf3  db  'XXXX '    ;attribute
inf4  db  'XXXX '    ;strategy
inf5  db  'XXXX  '  ;interrupt handler
inf6  db  'X   '  ;type (block or char)
inf7  db  'XX  '  ;units (if block device)
inf8  db  '     '  ;name (if char device)
  db  eom
        ;fcb to open NUL device
nulfcb  db  0    ;drive
  db  'NUL'    ;name of NUL device
  db  8 dup (' ')
  db  25 dup (0)
data  ends  
stack  segment para stack 'STACK'
    db   64 dup (?)
stack  ends
    end   dev

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