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核心提示:dos下可以调用DOS中断服务程序,WINDOWS下可以调用 API 函数GetVersionEx()这是我测试PE格式的STUB的源代码, 可以在DOS和WINDOWS下运行,其功能是报告当前OS信息.; @@@; FileName: os_type.asm; function: Reports current op


WINDOWS下可以调用 API 函数GetVersionEx()

这是我测试PE格式的STUB的源代码, 可以在DOS和WINDOWS下运行,其功能是报告当前OS信息.

; @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
; FileName: os_type.asm
; function: Reports current operation system type
; Author : Purple Endurer
; Version : 0.1
; OS Name   Offset of INT 08h  Offset of INT 43h
; -------------------------------------------------------
; MS DOS 7.00 001Fh        5710h
; MS DOS 7.10 18DEh        6EE5h
; UCDOS    1AF3h
; UCDOS98   1AEBh        6E20h
; MSDOS mode  0000h
; PDOS95    0A50h        6E20h
; Date     Summary
; -------------------------------------------------------
; 2002.04.07  Created from software paper 95P125
; 2002.06.11  Show version if os is MS-DOS
; 2002.08.07  Convert it to DOS EXE format to be stub
;       program in PE format execute file
; 2004.02.09  Added the condition asm var 'UseStack'
;       Question:
;       Why can this program run normally with stack segment,
;       though there is push and pop instruction in bin2dec proc?
  UseStack    equ 0
data  segment
     strMSDOS  db "MS DOS "
     cMajorVer db ' '
          db '.'
     cMinorVer db "  $"
  strUCDOS  db "UCDOS"
     cUCDOSVer db " 98特别版$"
  strPDOS95 db "Windows95中文DOS方式PDOS95$"
data ends
  if UseStack
     sseg segment stack
         db 10 dup(?)
     sseg ends
code  segment
if UseStack
    assume cs: code, ds: data, ss: sseg
    assume cs: code, ds: data
  main proc
    mov ax, data
    mov ds, ax
  if UseStack
    mov ax, sseg
    mov ss, ax
   mov ah, 30h ; Get Version
    int 21h
    add al, '0'
    mov cMajorVer, al
    mov bx, offset cMinorVer
    call bin2dec
   mov ax, 3508h
    int 21h
   mov dx, offset strMSDOS
    mov ah, 09h
    int 21h
   cmp bx, 1fh
    je  @end ;Here is DOS 7.00 only
    cmp bx, 18deh
    je  @End ;Here is DOS 7.10 only
   mov dx, offset strUCDOS
    cmp bx, 1aebh
    je  @Report
   cmp bx, 1af3h
    jne @next2
    mov cUCDOSVer, '$'
    jmp @report
   mov dx, offset strPDOS95
    cmp bx, 0a50h
    jne  @End
    ;mov ah, 09h
    int 21h
    mov ax, 4c00h
    int 21h
main endp
  ; ========================================================
; Input : AH = the Binary will be translated)
;     BX = First offset of memory us to store the result
; Output: BX = First offset of memory stored the result
; --------------------------------------------------------
bin2dec proc
    push dx
    mov dl, 10
    mov al, ah
    xor ah, ah
    div dl   ; (AL) <- (AX) / (DL)  (AH) <- (AX) % (DL)
    add al, '0'
    mov [bx], al
    inc bx
    cmp ah, 10
    jg @LoopDiv
  add ah, '0'
    mov [bx], ah
    pop dx
bin2dec endp
code ends
    end main
;FileName: StubDemo.asm
; Fuction: Demo how to use the custome stub of PE exe files.
; Author: Purple Endurer
;The command line refered cursom STUB program:
;masm32inlink /stub:<filename.exe> /subsystem:windows <objectname.obj>
;D:masm32v6WORKSmy_stub>masm32inlink /stub:stub.exe /subsystem:windows stubdemo.obj
;Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 5.12.8078
;Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1992-1998. All rights reserved.
  ;stub.exe : warning LNK4060: stub file missing full MS-DOS header; rebuild stub with /KNOWEAS 16-bit LINK option
  ; Date     Summary
; -------------------------------------------------------
; 2002.04.07  Created!
.model flat, stdcall
option casemap:none
include masm32includewindows.inc
include masm32includekernel32.inc
include masm32includeuser32.inc
includelib masm32libuser32.lib
includelib masm32libkernel32.lib
  bDetailInfo     equ 0
szMsgBoxTitle    db "当前操作系统",0
if  bDetailInfo   ;?????? bDetailInfo
   szWin31       db "Win32s on Windows 3.1 ", 0
   szWin9x       db "Win32 on Windows 95 ", 0
   szWin31       db "Windows 3.1 ", 0
   szWin9x       db "Windows 95 ", 0
endif          ;?????? bDetailInfo
  szWinNT       db "Windows NT ", 0
  szFormat4OsVer   db "%lu.%lu.%lu", 0
szGetOsInfoFail   db "取操作系统信息失败!", 0
szOsVerInfo     db  255 dup (?)
szOsVerInfoTmp   db  255 dup (?)
       mov  OsVer.dwOSVersionInfoSize, SIZEOF OSVERSIONINFO
       invoke GetVersionEx, ADDR OsVer
       .if  eax
          mov eax, OsVer.dwPlatformId
          ;Identifies the build number of the operating
          ;system in the low-order word For Win9X
   .if eax == VER_PLATFORM_WIN32s
            mov esi, OFFSET szWin31
            and OsVer.dwBuildNumber, 0FFFFh
          .elseif eax == VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_WINDOWS
            mov esi, OFFSET szWin9x
            and OsVer.dwBuildNumber, 0FFFFh
   .else ; eax ==VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT
            mov esi, OFFSET szWinNT
   invoke lstrcpy, ADDR szOsVerInfo, esi
   invoke wsprintf, ADDR szOsVerInfoTmp,
              ADDR szFormat4OsVer, OsVer.dwMajorVersion,
              OsVer.dwMinorVersion, OsVer.dwBuildNumber
   invoke lstrcat, ADDR szOsVerInfo, ADDR szOsVerInfoTmp
          invoke lstrcat, ADDR szOsVerInfo, ADDR OsVer.szCSDVersion
          mov  edi, OFFSET szOsVerInfo
          mov  esi, MB_OK OR MB_ICONINFORMATION
          mov  edi, OFFSET szGetOsInfoFail
          mov  esi, MB_OK OR MB_ICONWARNING
   invoke MessageBox, NULL, edi, addr szMsgBoxTitle, esi
     invoke ExitProcess,NULL
end start

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