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DB2 锁升级示例

 2012-08-20 17:01:56 来源:WEB开发网   
核心提示: 厂商工程师反映系统无法登陆,一直停留在登陆界面,DB2 锁升级示例,用db2top查看,只发现数据库中有大量lock,当时不确定算不算异常,后来lock信息没有


012-08-20- E1667A534 LEVEL: Warning
PID : 8913288 TID : 200350 PROC : db2sysc 1
INSTANCE: db2sdin1 NODE : 001 DB : SX1
APPHDL : 1-6590 APPID:
EDUID : 200350 EDUNAME: db2agent (SX1) 1
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data management, sqldEscalateLocks, probe:3
MESSAGE : ADM5502W The escalation of "1" locks on table
"SXZMUSER.T_ZMC_CASEINFO" to lock intent "X" was successful.

2012-08-20- E2202A3716 LEVEL: Warning
PID : 8913288 TID : 193369 PROC : db2sysc 1
INSTANCE: db2sdin1 NODE : 001 DB : SX1
APPHDL : 1-6587 APPID:
EDUID : 193369 EDUNAME: db2agent (SX1) 1
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data management, sqldEscalateLocks, probe:1
MESSAGE : ADM5501I DB2 is performing lock escalation. The affected application
is named "db2jcc_application", and is associated with the workload
name "SYSDEFAULTUSERWORKLOAD" and application ID
"" at member "1". The total number of
locks currently held is "21", and the target number of locks to hold
is "10". The current statement being executed is "select
caseinfo0_.LIST_ID as LIST1_0_, caseinfo0_.CASECODE as CASECODE126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CASENAME as CASENAME126_0_, caseinfo0_.PARTYCODE as
PARTYCODE126_0_, caseinfo0_.BILL_ID as BILL5_126_0_,
caseinfo0_.BILL_CODE as BILL6_126_0_, caseinfo0_.VERSIONCODE as
VERSIONC7_126_0_, caseinfo0_.CASEYEAR as CASEYEAR126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CASENO as CASENO126_0_, caseinfo0_.CASEDATE as
CASEDATE126_0_, caseinfo0_.CASEPLACE as CASEPLACE126_0_,
caseinfo0_.PARTYNAME as PARTYNAME126_0_, caseinfo0_.PARTYMORECODE as
PARTYMO13_126_0_, caseinfo0_.PARTYMORENAME as PARTYMO14_126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CARCODE as CARCODE126_0_, caseinfo0_.CARNAME as
CARNAME126_0_, caseinfo0_.CASEKIND as CASEKIND126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CASEKINDNAME as CASEKIN18_126_0_, caseinfo0_.CASEVALUE as
CASEVALUE126_0_, caseinfo0_.PUNISHVALUE as PUNISHV20_126_0_,
caseinfo0_.UNDERTAKENPEOPLE as UNDERTA21_126_0_, caseinfo0_.DEPTCODE
as DEPTCODE126_0_, caseinfo0_.DEPTNAME as DEPTNAME126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CHECKDEPTCODE as CHECKDE24_126_0_, caseinfo0_.DISPOSALCODE
as DISPOSA25_126_0_, caseinfo0_.APPROVEDATE as APPROVE26_126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CASESOURCECODE as CASESOU27_126_0_, caseinfo0_.CASEBRIEF
as CASEBRIEF126_0_, caseinfo0_.TRAFFICTYPE as TRAFFIC29_126_0_,
caseinfo0_.CASETOOL as CASETOOL126_0_, caseinfo0_.ISSYSTEM as

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