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来源Android-Powered Sensors Monitors Vital Signs and More


In science fiction films from Aliens to Avatar, commanders back at the base station always know when soldiers of the future get taken out by hostiles--because their vital signs are being monitored in real time. Doing that with present-day technology is a challenge, not least because collecting and transmitting all of the data that can be gathered by even a handful of motion and vital-signs sensors would be a huge drain on battery power and wireless bandwidth.


By equipping the clothing and bodies of users with a mesh of multiple sensors - known as "smart dust" - that report to an Android-powered phone, researchers are pioneering an open-source route to realizing the dream of always-on medical monitoring. Their work has already allowed them to measure how much test subjects exercise, how well their hearts are doing and how much air pollution they're being exposed to.


The resulting data have a number of applications:


Incorporation of historical and real-time data on vital signs into permanent medical records


Automatically inform a patient when to adjust their heart medication


Turn exercise and daily activity levels into a Foursquare-style

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