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在Symbian exe 程序中显示图形

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核心提示:Displaying graphics in Symbian exe programs.在 Symbian exe 程序中显示图形Generally, exe programs are used to implement servers (exedll, epocexe target type) orsimple co

Displaying graphics in Symbian exe programs.

在 Symbian exe 程序中显示图形

Generally, exe programs are used to implement servers (exedll, epocexe target type) or

simple console programs. This may lead to believe that graphical features are not available

for exe programs. This is not the case, and even though it might take some extra work to

set up an appropriate environment, this is quite straight forward to achieve, as the

following snippet will illustrate. This way, we can make use of graphics without having to

resort on a full blown application.

通常,通常EXE程序(exedll, epocexe 类型)被用来实现服务器端或者是简单的控制台程序。所以使大家



Our aim is to simply emulate the minimum set up provided by the framework when an

application (.app) is loaded. Being a dll, an application needs a process to attach to.

This is provided by AppRun.exe, which besides catering its own process and thread, calls

EikDll::RunAppInsideThread(), which -among other things- creates a CONE environment




高资源,它还调用EikDll::RunAppInsideThread() ,建立一个CONE环境(CCoeEnv) 。

When a CONE Environment is created, it sets up a cleanup stack, active scheduler

(CCoeScheduler), and sessions to the file and window server (which can be later retrived by

calling CCoeEnv::FsSession() and CCoeEnv::WsSession()). Then it creates a screen, a window

group and a graphic context, among other things. Later, after the

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