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Android新手入门 (Getting Started with Android)

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核心提示:Android新手入门-Android中文SDKAndroid新手入门Android新手入门 (Getting Started with Android)新手入门Android,请首先阅读下面的章节 (To get started with Android, please read the following sect



Android新手入门 (Getting Started with Android)

新手入门Android,请首先阅读下面的章节 (To get started with Android, please read the following sections first)

安装SDK和插件 (Installing the SDK and Plugin)

如何安装SDK和Eclipse插件以及如何使用其他工具构建Android应用程序,同时根据向导运行示例程序。(How to install the SDK and Eclipse plugin, or how to use other tools to build Android applications. Also a guide to running the sample applications.)

你好Android (Hello Android)

编写你首个Android程序,经典流行的Hello World,Android风格。(Writing your first Android Application, the ever popular Hello World, Android style)

剖析Android程序 (Anatomy of an Android Application )

结构和Android程序构架说明介绍,通过向导将会帮助你理解编写Android程序。(A guide to the structure and architecture of an Android Application. This guide will help you understand the pieces that make up an Android app)

入门指导:构建一个完整的Android程序 (Tutorial: Building a Full Android Application)

入门指导文档将带领你通过构建一个真实的Android应用程序,一个记事本的创建、编辑、删除内容.Android开发网提示涵盖一些基本的概念通过实例。(Android开发网提示涵盖一些基本的概念通过实例。(This tutorial document will lead you through constructing a real Android Application: A notepad which can create, edit and delete notes, and covers many of the basic concepts with practical examples)

开发工具 (Development Tools)

一个命令行工具包含SDK,你想要做的和如何使用(The command line tools included with the SDK, what they do, and how to use them)

Android程序生命周期 (Life Cycle of an Android Application)

程序和Activites内部运行的生命周期(The important life-cycle details for Applications and Activities running inside of them.)

其他介绍材料 (Other Introductory Material)

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