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namebench 1.3 发布,DNS优化工具

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核心提示:namebench 可以帮你寻找你的电脑能访问的最快的DNS服务器,通过测试并输出详细的图形报表告诉你,namebench 1.3 发布,DNS优化工具,为什么所选择的DNS服务器是最快的,Changes:1. The ability to publish and share your results was adde

namebench 可以帮你寻找你的电脑能访问的最快的DNS服务器,通过测试并输出详细的图形报表告诉你,为什么所选择的DNS服务器是最快的。

namebench 1.3 发布,DNS优化工具


1. The ability to publish and share your results was added.

2. The user interfaces and HTML output have been improved.

3. New datasets, a new template for resolv.conf generation, and new... support for direct importation of pcap files were added.

4. OARC port diversity checks were added.

5. Third party libraries and server listing were updated.


* Ability to upload & share your results online

* Display DNS server versions and nodenames in the HTML output (mouseover)

* Graphical interface updated

* Fast/Slow toggle for health check speed

* New datasets available (updated Alexa, cache miss, cache hit, cache mix)

* Direct importation of pcap files generated by tcpdump and wireshark.

* OARC port diversity checks included

* More consistent timeout settings

* Updated server listing

* Updated libraries (dnspython, jinja2)

namebench 1.3下载地址:http://down.ddvip.com/view/11505621182206.html

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