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Symbian 之 时间 时区 日历 转化

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核心提示:localizer = CTzLocalizer::NewL();// 一、获得所有的时区信息void GetAllTimeZonesL(){// Use standard names in alphabetical order 返回值仅仅为一个装有CTzLocalizedTimeZone的数组,具体内容通过CTzLo

localizer = CTzLocalizer::NewL();

// 一、获得所有的时区信息

void GetAllTimeZonesL()


// Use standard names in alphabetical order 返回值仅仅为一个装有CTzLocalizedTimeZone的数组,具体内容通过CTzLocalizedTimeZone访问

CTzLocalizedTimeZoneArray* timeZones = localizer->GetAllTimeZonesL(CTzLocalizer::ETzAlphaStandardNameAscending);


TInt count= timeZones->Count();

for(TInt i=0; i<>


TPtrC temp(timeZones->At(i).StandardName()); //标准名称

// if the time zone has a standard name, do your things

if ((&temp)->Length()!=0)


timeZones->At(i).ShortStandardName(); //简称



delete timeZones;


// Add a city to a specific time zone and city group 向同一个时区中增加一个城市

void AddCityL()


// Add the new city to the same time zone and city group as London



TBufC cityBuf(KCityName);

TPtrC cityName(cityBuf);

// First, find the time zone and city group that London is in


CTzLocalizedCity* city=localizer->FindCityByNameL(cityName);

if (!city)

// city doesn't exist


// Get the city's time zone ID and city group ID


timeZoneId = city->TimeZoneId();

cityGroupId = city->GroupId();

delete city;

// Now add the new city to that time zone/city group.

// First check it is not already present //获得在本时区所有的城市

CTzLocalizedCityArray* cities=localizer->GetCitiesL(timeZoneId);

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