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核心提示:现在是游戏时间,收集了 25款jQuery开发的游戏,25款jQuery游戏插件:用jQuery开发游戏,从数独、迷宫、推箱子到赛车,还有超级玛丽哦

现在是游戏时间,收集了 25款jQuery开发的游戏,从数独、迷宫、推箱子到赛车,还有超级玛丽哦,尝试一下吧。

1. jQuery Puzzle Mini Game

This is a simple puzzle mini game. What you only need to do is sort the random number to be the right place, by clicking a cell around the gray cell.


2. Puzzle game using jQuery

A simple image puzzle game using jQuery. Rearrange the image elements to form a lovely image. This is simple yet a good game for fun. Relive your childhood memories with this game  .


3. Flash Style Noughts and Crosses Game using jQuery UI

This article shows how to make a Simple 2 Player Noughts and Crosses game (Not vs PC) using jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. The jQuery libraries are very powerful and make development so much quicker. This will give you a basic idea of how you can use it.


4. jQuery Sudoku

jQuery Sudoku wrapped around a PHP grid generator. Sometimes the game tends to be quite difficult as the generator brute forces solvable, unique solution and no-guessing grids (sounds great) but occasionally with complete disregard for a human?s capacity to visually scan the grid and discover that one solvable square.


5. JSMario-jQuery Mario Game

Who does not love Mario? Mario has been every childs dream game. From the age old Video games to Wii, Mario has left its mark everywhere. Now Mario is all set to land in your browser with the amazing jQuery Mario game. So bliss and have fun with the jQuery Mario game.


6. Bing-Bong jQuery Game

Bing-Bong is a Breakout style game, stylized with the cuteness of jQuery. It has a cute and impressive user interface. Turn your boring moments into funny ones with the Bing-Bomg jQuery plugin.


7. jQuery Angel and Dreams

jQuery Angel and Dreams is a cute and simple game. On the screen, bubbles appear at random, click on those random bubbles as soon as you can to save the angel from jumping over it. It is simple yet addictive.


8. RedLine jQuery Car Racing Game

RedLine is an interesting jQuery car racing game. Making use of gameQuery, jQuery and a lot of custom code and images its a side scrolling race game made without any use of flash at all!


9. Javascript Rock Star

Love the Wii fame Guitar Hero? Heres the browser version! Javascript Hero is an interactive game that plays a You tube video and needs the player to press the appropriate keys in sync with the various colored bars shown up on the screen.


10. Mastermind jQuery Game

The object of the game is to guess the solution code by submitting guesses to the code and asking for a result on those guesses. It is a total guess based game. It is a good game when you want to put your guessing and sixth sense skills at test.


11. jQuery Simple Shooting Game

The jQuery Simple Shooting Game is a tiny jQuery experiment. Random images appear on the board and the player needs to shoot on those random images. The aim is to gain as many hits as possible. The images consist of thieves and police men. One must never shoot the police man, but should only shoot the thieves.


12. The Coolest jQuery Game Ever Made

This is something I was playing around with for no particular reason. It is completely controlled via jQuery, which is by far the best javascript library out there. It is
really cool as it is simple and lightweight, but needs the player to put the tactical skills to the best use.

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