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python 得到文件版本信息 公司名和产品名

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核心提示:python 得到文件版本信息 公司名和产品名 其他的信息都在返回的字典中代码:#-- def _getCompanyNameAndProductName(self, file_path): """ Read all properties of the

python 得到文件版本信息 公司名和产品名 其他的信息都在返回的字典中

    def _getCompanyNameAndProductName(self, file_path):
        Read all properties of the given file return them as a dictionary.
        propNames = ('Comments', 'InternalName', 'ProductName',
            'CompanyName', 'LegalCopyright', 'ProductVersion',
            'FileDescription', 'LegalTrademarks', 'PrivateBuild',
            'FileVersion', 'OriginalFilename', 'SpecialBuild')
        props = {'FixedFileInfo': None, 'StringFileInfo': None, 'FileVersion': None}
            # backslash as parm returns dictionary of numeric info corresponding to VS_FIXEDFILEINFO struc
            fixedInfo = win32api.GetFileVersionInfo(file_path, '\\')
            props['FixedFileInfo'] = fixedInfo
            props['FileVersion'] = "%d.%d.%d.%d" % (fixedInfo['FileVersionMS'] / 65536,
                    fixedInfo['FileVersionMS'] % 65536, fixedInfo['FileVersionLS'] / 65536,
                    fixedInfo['FileVersionLS'] % 65536)
            # \VarFileInfo\Translation returns list of available (language, codepage)
            # pairs that can be used to retreive string info. We are using only the first pair.
            lang, codepage = win32api.GetFileVersionInfo(file_path, '\\VarFileInfo\\Translation')[0]
            # any other must be of the form \StringfileInfo\%04X%04X\parm_name, middle
            # two are language/codepage pair returned from above
            strInfo = {}
            for propName in propNames:
                strInfoPath = u'\\StringFileInfo\\%04X%04X\\%s' % (lang, codepage, propName)
                ## print str_info
                strInfo[propName] = win32api.GetFileVersionInfo(file_path, strInfoPath)
            props['StringFileInfo'] = strInfo
        if not props["StringFileInfo"]:
            return (None, None)
            return (props["StringFileInfo"]["CompanName"], props["StringFileInfo"]["ProductName"])

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