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【Python开发web】(3) -- Python基础之一

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核心提示:始静下心来认真学习Python的基础:The Python Tutorial今天看了前面的一些章节,见下图:值得关注的要点有:1) 中文字符的长度经测试,【Python开发web】(3) -- Python基础之一,一个中文字符占3个,见下图2) 在一些语言中,直到看到这段文字后,我才将Tab改为了4-space,&l

始静下心来认真学习Python的基础:The Python Tutorial


【Python开发web】(3) -- Python基础之一


1) 中文字符的长度


【Python开发web】(3) -- Python基础之一

2) 在一些语言中,“=”代表引用,在Python中是复制而非引用,见下图:

【Python开发web】(3) -- Python基础之一

3) 在调用函数时,不按参数的顺序,直接指定参数名和值也可以传递,见下图:

【Python开发web】(3) -- Python基础之一


4) Python的代码规范,直到看到这段文字后,我才将Tab改为了4-space,受教了。 

Now that you are about to write longer, more complex pieces of Python, it is a good time to talk about coding style. Most languages can be written (or more concise, formatted) in different styles; some are more readable than others. Making it easy for others to read your code is always a good idea, and adopting a nice coding style helps tremendously for that.

For Python, PEP 8 has emerged as the style guide that most projects adhere to; it promotes a very readable and eye-pleasing coding style. Every Python developer should read it at some point; here are the most important points extracted for you:

Use 4-space indentation, and no tabs.

4 spaces are a good compromise between small indentation (allows greater nesting depth) and large indentation (easier to read). Tabs introduce confusion, and are best left out.

Wrap lines so that they don’t exceed 79 characters.

This helps users with small displays and makes it possible to have several code files side-by-side on larger displays.

Use blank lines to separate functions and classes, and larger blocks of code inside functions.

When possible, put comments on a line of their own.

Use docstrings.

Use spaces around operators and after commas, but not directly inside bracketing constructs: a = f(1, 2) + g(3, 4).

Name your classes and functions consistently; the convention is to use CamelCase for classes and lower_case_with_underscores for functions and methods. Always use self as the name for the first method argument (see A First Look at Classes for more on classes and methods).

Don’t use fancy encodings if your code is meant to be used in international environments. Plain ASCII works best in any case.


【Python开发web】(1) -- 系统环境与框架的选择

【Python开发web】(2) -- 跟着教程步步来 -- QuickWiki

【Python开发web】(4) -- Python基础之中文字符

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