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Windows下Libvirt Java API使用教程(一)- 开发环境部署

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核心提示: Libvirt(http://libvirt.org/)是一个比较不错的虚拟化环境管理的工具包,核心用c实现,Windows下Libvirt Java API使用教程(一)- 开发环境部署,不过提供了不同语言的调用API,官网的简介如下: libvirt is: A toolkit to interact w



libvirt is:

  • A toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes), see our project goals for details.
  • Free software available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
  • A long term stable C API
  • A set of bindings for common languages
  • CIM provider for the DMTF virtualization schema
  • QMF agent for the AMQP/QPid messaging system

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